Part 2: Grain-based Salad

Yesterday I wrote a post about Mixed Vegetable Salads and how to make them without a recipe. Today I’m focusing on Part 2 of this journey: Grain-based Salads!

Image result for wild rice salad

The grain-based salad is different from a mixed salad because it includes grains (duh!)  such as rice, pasta, noodles etc. These are mixed in with vegetables and a dressing. It is normally a main course and is very suitable for a packed lunch as it does not require re-heating. The grains make it a more hearty meal which will keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

Making the Salad

The first step to making this type of salad is deciding what kind of grain base you want to use. The options are wide and varied, from potatoes or pasta to wild rice or quinoa. Choosing the grain type is completely up to personal preference but it may dictate the type of dressing you’ll be using later on.

Image result for vegan potato salad

Next we add some colour! I find in salads especially appearance means so much. Try to vary the colours of the vegetables as much as possible in order to achieve a delicious spectrum of colour!Image result for rainbow pasta salad

Then it’s necessary of course to boost the nutrition of the salad! Mix in some spinach for iron and some spicy flavoured nuts for protein! Sprinkle toasted sunflower seeds or chickpeas for an extra crunchy protein meal!

Image result for quinoa salad nuts beans

Finally it’s time for the dressing. If using potatoes or rice you could use mayonnaise to add flavour, try a crushed tomato sauce if using pasta. If in doubt make a simple dressing from white wine vinegar and olive oil to drizzle over your dish. There are endless choices when it comes to salad dressing so it really is up to you to decide. Experiment with homemade dressings until you find a few that you love!

Image result for wild rice salad

I hope this has helped you simplify the process of making gorgeous looking and delicious tasting salads! As always, let me know in the comments how you liked it. What’s your favourite reason for eating salads? Until next time, stay fresh!


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