How Swimming Solved my Boredom

Image result for swimmingI have been a lover of swimming since I was only able to bob around in armbands, convinced any minute I would finally drown. Even though that strange smelling liquid terrified the living daylights out of me I still loved it. Week after week I went to the pool throughout the summers with my family, learning to hold my breath, keep my eyes open and sink with dramatic swiftness to the bottom of the pool. I’d never felt so free as when I was floating on my back in the middle of a seemingly vast expanse of water. I felt weightless, like a cloud in the sky.

It has been over two years since I’ve been in a swimming pool. Time is a terrible thing and yet we always want more of it. I’ve decided this summer however to start swimming regularly. Not only that but I’ve made a vow that wherever I end up being next year I’ll get a membership at a swimming pool. Whether I make it to college or I’m stuck in my parents house I’m going to continue swimming.

Image result for male swimmer stroke

There are innumerous benefits of swimming when it comes to building up fitness levels. It’s a great workout for your entire body because you use so many different muscles to keep yourself afloat. Although this is by no means scientific, I’ve noted that I never seem to experience muscle cramps the day after a vigorous swim. I’m not sure why this might be so and I’m also not sure if anyone else experience this. If you’re familiar with this bizarre lack of pain or you’ve had a different experience let me know please!

Personally I find swimming a great way to work out because I never become bored. There are so many different strokes to do, different directions to swim, you can swim above or under water – it’s frankly impossible to get bored. For me this is hugely important. If I go out running I get irritated by the monotony of it almost instantly. The same goes for walking. I hate the pointless continuity of the exercise. With swimming this is eliminated. I can experiment with back-strokes and breast-strokes, diving and breath exercises and when I need a break I can simply float on my back until I get my breath back.Image result for female swimmer

I realise that depending on where you’ve grown up you may never have learned to swim. I promise you that once you get started it’s so much easier than it looks and I urge you to take some basic lessons. Most swimming pools offer beginners lessons for adults so all you need is to enquire at your local sports centre.

Let me know if you like swimming or you absolutely hate it. Have you got any recommendations for future posts? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter, Instagram or Google+. Until next time, stay swimming!


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