How to Decorate When You Have No Money

I’m currently in the process of personalising my bedroom. I’ve never been the kind of person who has walls plastered with posters or photo collages of my friends. Now, two months away from leaving for college, I’ve decided I want to make the place my own. The only problem is, I have no disposable money. I’m totally broke for all intents and purposes. Thus, a challenge is born.

At this point in my life I’ve all but replaced Google with Pinterest for many search options. The visual imagery and simple layout is so much more aesthetically pleasing than the search results Google brings up. But that being said, I’d never fully give up on Google. Google is my bae.

Click on the pictures for sources and step by step instructions.

1. Mood Lighting

Original lighting and candle fixtures are one of the easiest way to transform a room into something cosy and sweet scented. Try out some of these super simple, eco-friendly ideas.

DIY Metal Cans Garden Lanterns. I was wondering what to do with some metal cans we have in the YW closet... now we have something to do with them ;DHow to Tint Mason JarsGlue pressed leaves to dollar store containers for these pretty fall leaf votives.

2. Jewellery Displays

Both useful and pretty! Check out these creative ways to display your accessories.

Wooden Jewelry Holder | 41 Amazing Free People-Inspired DIYs

DIY pebble hangers for jewelryWHAT MAKES A GREAT JEWELRY SHOWCASE? Show off your jewelry in frames = great organizer

DIY Earring Display

3. Wall Art

Even if you’re as hopeless at drawing as I am you can create these easy, eye-catching pieces

Toilet paper rolls into wall art. We did this as a project for school (we used hot glue to connect them instead of bobby pins ) & hung them in the office & nurses office to brighten their day. I think it looks better & not as cheep to spray paint them:)  DIY Photo Collage Letters Wall Decor...could be cool for hallway or something with last name


4. DIY Canopy

I don’t know about you but I’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful canopy floating over my bed. Now I finally can! There are tonnes of DIY canopies online but the rotating circular one is definitely my favourite. You might have the supplies at home, if not it may require a little spending. It’s an unbelievably  project!

Add a cozy canopy to your bed without breaking regulations. I 26 Cheap And Easy Ways To Have The Best Dorm Room Ever Easy DIY bed Canopy. Perfect for any little princess!

5. Make it Comfortable

After all it is your home. Add some blankets and cushions, even build a fort! Yes, some of these patterns will take a long time especially if like me you’re not a very experienced seamstress. I love the frayed denim quilt with the cute pops of colour, maybe I’ll find the time to work on that this summer.

#DIY Rainbow Rug // #Upcycle This! 15 Ways to Reuse Old T-ShirtsI really like this Circle Quilt pattern. I think I may do it with the baby clothes and jeans! Category » Home Ideas Archives « @ MyHomeLookBookMyHomeLookBook


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